Sunday, February 20, 2011

Special Piece from a Special Friend

It's interesting isn't it? How we meet our friends. My newest friendship began with scanning Craigslist. Posted was a terrific vintage tole lamp. I of course had to have it (will post pics of my lamps another time) as well as another tole lamp table. In the pics was a gorgeous header. I purchased the lamps, but stepping out of my box, asked if she'd be interested in selling the header. She laughed and told me everyone asked her that. We found that we had much in common and have been shopping and planning sales together. And, a few weeks later, she did ask if I was still interested because she was changing a few things. I was so excited. While it did not end up where I had originally planned, it is now in the perfect spot above my bed. Even my husband likes it. Just had to share....hope you will think it looks as great as I do!


  1. Well hello there. How's the new place working out? I know you are glad to be back close to your kids. So glad you are coming to Round Top/Warrenton and yes please stop by and see me at Zapp Hall, Theresa

  2. Fabulous! Is that a Repasy or a DeLongpre yardlong Floral in the Ceiling Tin Frame? Love it all!

    Thanks for stopping by and it would be nice to bump into each other in person as we scour the City for our Found Treasures. *Winks* We probably have crossed paths already.

    Dawn... TheBohemian

  3. beautiful! thanks for commenting on my blog, you are too sweet!