Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Mantle

I'm struggling with whether I like how I have my mantle decorated right now. Maybe it's the brown paint on the walls. I so want to change it. The mantle is one I found at one of my favorite stores in Phoenix...very inexpensive. The little roses in the vase are actually made from masking tape. Those I found at Judy Hill's. Some people are just so creative. The fireplace screen I found on ebay. It really is a special piece. Right now this is in my entry way. With a narrow entry way, this seems to work well. As you can probably tell, I love mirrors. They just bring in so much light. I can't wait for Round Top....I know I'll find another mirror that I just can't live without. If anyone has any suggestions on paint color, they would be most appreciated. Thanks for letting me share.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My New Farmhouse Table

Can I just say that I love my new Farmhouse Table? It all started when I was browsing Craig's List and found an authentic Shabby Chic table and 4 slipcovered chairs. It was one of those things where my heart just started pounding and I ran to my husband explaining never again would I have the opportunity to have something like this....of course he already had that defeated look when he thought he'd point out to me that we already have a table and it holds up our plates. To be honest it really was a lovely table with 8 chairs. But, my husband took off on the two hour drive the next morning to purchase the set for me. When the phone rang, I thought it was him calling to say he was on his way home....but was him, but calling to say "didn't you tell me this table was 52" round?". I had, as that was what was in the ad and the owner thought it was 52". However, it was 60" and no matter how hard I tried, I knew 60" wouldn't work. I'd have to lose half my body size and no one could sit in the chair that leads into the kitchen. 52" was actually pushing it. So, I shed a few tears, took my dining room set off Craig's list and started cleaning (that's what I do when I'm upset). A few hours later my husband was home telling me about the house and how beautiful it was. He casually mentioned that she had four other chairs with little slipcovered skirts that she was selling...he thought they looked like something I would like, and said too bad I didn't have a place to use them. Well, I had the person send pics and then thought about them for about a week. I kept thinking that they'd look great with a farmhouse table and give me the room that I really needed. So, I bought the chairs and the little white hutch too and began redecorating my dining room. Of course I put my set on Craig's list before I found a table....and it sold right my mother. :) She loves it and it fits in her larger breakfast room. My next obsession was finding that table. I rarely find anything here in San Antonio, but I did find what looked to be the perfect table in the next Friday, I took the day off work and went and picked up my new table. Well worth the 6 1/2 hour round trip. I love it...especially with the white roses that I received for my anniversary and birthday. It is just simple and sweet. Love it Love it!