Saturday, July 25, 2009

Truly Vintage Bliss!

Don't you just love Saturdays! That the day I try really hard to find "me Time". My work schedule is pretty demanding so just love when I can let go and enjoy a non-stressful day. I'm fortunate enough to live near Boerne, home to Vintage Bliss. So I hopped in my car listening to my favorite Bryan Ferry cd and headed for one of the loveliest stores you could hope to find. Theresa Cano of Garden Antiques Vintage, asked if I'd mind taking a few pictures. Kelly, the owner was nice enough to let me do just that. The picture above is from Kelly's shop. Next time you are anywhere near San Antonio or Boerne, you really should stop by. Vintage Bliss is a truly feel good kind of store. The colors are so restful, and what an eye they have for display. Not only did I get some great ideas...I found some wonderful gifts too. Ok, so most of the "gifts" were for me. I purchased the cutest little soap dish and holder, a Paris chic pillow, a journal, and a small roll of vintage wallpaper with roses of course. One of my purchases was actually a gift...a very nice foot cream for my Aunt Margie who just turned 88 years young. I think she will like it...our feet tend to get really dry as we age.

The next stop was the Antique Mall on Nacogdoches Rd. I'd been eyeing a small display's a nice old one with the original soft pretty green paint...beautifully aged. Well, I decided it was really needed for my "Someday" store. So, it is in the backseat of my car, as I wait for my husband to go to bed. One of those things he wouldn't quite understand. He just doesn't realize that those special pieces are really getting hard to come by.

My final bit of shopping was at Homestead Crafts. While I didn't buy anything, I met Kristy from A Checkered Past and had a really nice time sharing junking stories. She gave me some good suggestions for future Saturday destinations. Only 7 more days. :) We were leaving just as the store was closing and Kristy was caring in a beautiful white framed mirror to put in her booth. As I said, it was closing time....but I just may have to be there at noon when they open.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My very first post.....WOW!

I can't tell you how excited I am to be joining the blogging world. There are so many wonderful people whose blogs I have followed. Reading those blogs, truly is the best time of my day....I always feel like I'm meeting up with friends. So, I will start by sharing that I moved to Texas almost 4 years ago, after 26 years in Arizona. I grew up in Texas, and for those of you not from here....if Texas is where your roots is always Home. After living with cactus and road runners, I'm pretty happy to be living in an area with tons of live oak trees and deer running around. Of course best of all....I get to go to Round Top! I love antiques, especially those with a cottage or shabby chic feel. It's been great fun to work on my old 50's ranch home, softening the look (the original owners loved tuscan) and bringing in the cottage charm so many of us appreciate. Many of my greatest finds have been from my excursions to Round Top and on Craig's List. My husband always teases me about Craig's list, but he has been impressed with what I've found and likes that I've made so many friends this way. He is absolutely wonderful....never complaining no matter how heavy my latest find turns out to be. He does laugh a bit that I do consider my web and blog contacts to be friends....but really they are! This weekend I spent going to Carolyn Westbrook's annual sale. It was awesome! I found a wonderful little cupboard that I will pick up later in Round Top (Linda from Willow's Nest was kind enough to save it until I had the truck). Other treasures included wonderful wreaths, a little hymnal, and of course a cherub. I'll have to wait until Round Top to purchase more pillows from Carolyn. As you can tell by now, I ramble a bit, so I guess I'll sign off for now. I'm including a picture of my garden....I hope anyway. I'm not sure I have this "blog" thing figured out yet. Later this week, I will share more pics of my home...I know that I have truly enjoyed visiting so many of your homes this way and getting some really good ideas.